"Love Your Music & Ministry" —  Eric, NC

To Derrick Williams and his band, The most moving and inspirational show I've ever seen! —  Allen White, Jr.

"Wonderful! Uplifting! Encoraging! Wow!" — Jo, Dunedin, FL​

An Original Sound... Featuring An Extraordinary Mix Of Contemporary & Traditional Gospel 
 Fused With Jazz, Funk, Rhythm & Blues, &  Soul...



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Derrick Williams Debuts his Up Coming Single "He's Good",  a Contemporary Gospel song  featuring Contemporary Gospel Vocalist Daina Williams.  "He's Good" will also be released as a Smooth Jazz Instrumental track. For More Info Visit


Williams will release his long awaited Full Gospel CD  "Who Say I'm A Christian" which is said to be his best work yet in 2020. Who Say I 'm A Christian is the title track and encompasses a brilliant orchestral arrangement layered with Williams renowned robust and dazzling vocals. His piano accompaniment parallels his vocals to create a powerful musical master piece! He's Good, a Contemporary Gospel song will also be showcased as a Smooth Jazz Instrumental track. Both songs will be released late Fall in 2019 and submitted for consideration for nomination for the 61st Grammy Awards.

More Info Visit www.derrickwilliamsvocalist.com

Reverend  J.B.'s Ministry  
Host / Musical/ Creative Director
Available For  Appearances, Praise & Worship, Concerts, Church Events, Festivals, Award Shows, Corporate Events and More...

The Gospel Voice is an energetic and inspiring music show featuring Vocalist, Pianist, & Songwriter Derrick Williams. Blessed with an unique expression of his own, Derrick's style, captivating performances and inspirational messages can be seen nationally every week across The Christian Television Network.


Derrick and his full band, The Gospel Voice Band, offer an original Gospel sound with an extraordinary fushion of Jazz,, Rhythm & Blues, Funk, & Rock music. Williams writes the majority of music showcased on the show including the opening theme song "Talk to Me" and the closing song "While I'm Down Here".

The Gospel Voice airs every Saturday 12:30 AM (EST), 11:30 PM  (CST) & 9:30 PM (PST)  on The Christian Television Network. Check your local TV Guide Listing for other air dates & times.

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